Award-Winning Features

Features I wrote that received national awards from the Education Writers Association, Association of Educational Publishers, and Society for National Association Publications (now Association Media & Publishing) while I was managing editor of American School Board Journal. (All available for download as PDFs.)

Brown v. Board of Education Special Report
From First to Footnote: Summerton, S.C., is home to the first of the five legal challenges that led to the landmark Brown v. Board of Education decision. Fifty years after Brown, it is a place where separate still exists, and equal remains just out of its grasp. (May 2004)

Remembering Brown: Interviews with Walter Chronkite, Richard Riley, John Hope Franklin, Ted Shaw, and Richard Kluger on the legacy of Brown v. Board. (May 2004)

In May 2016, I returned to South Carolina to see how things have changed and filed this report — "Back to Summerton."


Failing District, Failed Reform: After takeover, experiments, and chaos, Chester Upland’s experience provides lessons in how not to restructure schools. (October 2006) *

Schooling Katrina’s Kids: Nine months after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, school districts in neighboring areas and as far away as Houston and Dallas are faced with a large influx of affected students who need aid and help. (April 2006) *

Vouchers, Choice, and Controversy: A look at the rise and battle over school vouchers as a judge strikes down Colorado’s statewide program. (January 2004) *

Taking Charge: Urban mayors are becoming more involved than ever in school governance, but are takeovers really the answer? (December 2002) *