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Regulating the Every Student Succeeds Act (Summer 2016): How do you make the regulatory process surrounding the nation’s largest education law interesting? Take a look at my story in the Summer 2016 issue of ASCD’s "Policy Priorities," which focuses on the development of regulations for the Every Student Succeeds Act, the long-awaited successor to No Child Left Behind. In addition to the main story, you can also read a sidebar that includes a step-by-step breakdown of the process.

Principal Leadership: Focus on Professional Development (Winter 2015): The days of leadership by decree are gone, as this series of stories written for ASCD's quarterly "Policy Priorities" newsletter shows. Today, successful principals collaborate, communicate, and share responsibility with their teachers and staff. They understand the job has evolved to one that puts instructional leadership first, even when the mundane, though equally important, day-to-day administrative demands threaten to interfere.

Not Your Mother's School Counselor (October 2014): Written for ASCD's "Education Update," this story looks at how three major changes have altered the course of the school counseling profession over the past 15 years. The changes are: a national model that aligns the work of counselors with school improvement efforts; a movement away from direct services to individual students and toward comprehensive schoolwide programs; and the acknowledgement of the counselor’s role in expanding college access for all students. 

Teacher Leaders: Going Outside the Classroom and Beyond (Spring 2014): Written for ASCD’s “Policy Priorities” newsletter, this package of stories focuses on how schools are defining new roles for teachers. Includes sidebars on three teacher leaders, a piece on transforming leadership, and an executive summary.

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Responding to Student Trauma (December 2015): Each year, more than 46 million children are affected by trauma, with one in 10 facing five or more violent incidents in a year, according to the Defending Childhood Initiative. Children exposed to repetitive trauma are at risk for a variety of physical and mental health issues—anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, a propensity for substance abuse—that also affect their ability to learn.

The Final Push Before Summer (May 2015): What schools can do between the end of standardized testing and the ringing of the last bell to set the stage for student success in the next year and beyond. Written for ASCD's "Education Update" newsletter.

Reaching Them Early On (March 2015): Schools and cities are scrambling to provide early intervention as infants and toddlers suffer from the highest rates of poverty in the nation. Written for ASCD's "Education Update."

Making Exceptions: The Challenge of Educating 2e Students (August 2014): Written for ASCD's "Education Update" newsletter, this piece examines the difficulty schools have in educating twice-exceptional students, those who are considered academically gifted but with a disability that can impact their ability to learn. 

Harassment vs. Free Speech: The Blurred Lines of Social Media (May 2014): Written for ASCD’s "Education Update" newsletter, this piece focuses on how murky laws are making it difficult for teachers and administrators to fight back when they are harassed online.

What If They Don’t Show (March 2014): Written for ASCD's "Education Update," the organization's monthly newsletter with a 170,000 circulation, this piece focuses on the effects of chronic absenteeism on student achievement.