Select Feature Stories

Selected features written for American School Board Journal from 2002-2013. All stories are available for download in PDF format.

Spotlight Story:

Restoring the Future: How school officials in Joplin, Mo., responded to one of the most devastating tornadoes in U.S. history. I also took the cover photo and all of the accompanying images. (May 2012)

Other Features:

Stability, Yes. Status Quo, No: A profile of a Tennessee school district that has increased academic opportunities and student achievement despite economic difficulties and changing demographics. (May 2013)

Agents of Change: How an Indiana school district has overcome superintendent churn and organizational silos to become one of the state’s leading systems. (February 2013)

The Road to Unity: Four California school districts merged into one after 60 years of animosity. Can the newly consolidated district look beyond history and become successful? (September 2008)

Time to Heal: 71 years after a tragic — and preventable — explosion, lessons can still be learned from what happened at the London School in Texas. (April 2008)

Gathering Storm: How soaring costs for health care and pension benefits are threatening school districts financially. (May 2006)

Squeeze Play: School boards are being pressured on all sides, from politicians to parents to advocacy groups. Are the battles for control distracting boards from doing what’s best for children? (January 2006)

Title I at 40: A landmark anti-poverty program enters middle age with a new focus on achievement and accountability. (April 2005)

Dealing with Decline: School districts are being forced to fend off large drops in enrollment by cutting staff and closing buildings. (September 2004)

Shortcut to Tragedy: As steroid use by student athletes increases, school officials are struggling as they try to find ways to stop this dangerous trend. (August 2004)

Win at All Costs: As professional sports move down to the teenage ranks, a troubling swirl of events is enveloping the world of high school athletics. (August 2003)

Laptop Learning: A look at the nation’s first one-to-one laptop initiative in Henrico County, Va. (July 2002)