Living with Bipolar

Written in April 2012

This has been a passion project for our family, talking openly and honestly about the struggles, challenges and victories of our daughter as she deals with bipolar disorder. We are very fortunate — she is the most open of all.

Look through my blog and you will see essays I have written about Kate over the past several years. In early 2012, my wife asked me to chronicle what we (and our daughter) faced in photographs.

Working on this project again showed me how photos, with limited written narration, can have a powerful impact in storytelling. I love my daughter, who is just as stubborn as I am some times, but my wife and I wrestle with the impact bipolar has on our family. This essay depicts a family that is dealing with "It" — as we have dubbed the disorder — lurking in the background at times and taking center stage at others.

Since this was completed, we have continued to have our ups and downs, but our daughter is growing up, maturing, and looking forward. That's all we can ask.