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MCCA: Minority Corporate Counsel Association

The Future of the Legal Profession: 2015-16 (May-June 2016): For much of the past year, I have profiled winners of the LMJ Scholarship for the Minority Corporate Counsel Association. This issue, “The Future of the Legal Profession: 2015-16,” focuses on this year’s class. 

Head of the Class: Written for the Minority Corporate Counsel Association, this profile of Guilford County Schools Superintendent Maurice "Mo" Green looks at his transition from practicing law to leading North Carolina's third largest school district. (August 2015)

The Future of the Legal Profession (May-June 2015): Jiali “Keli” Huang has dreamed of being an attorney since she moved to the United States with her parents at the age of eight. But her path to law school was fraught with family obligations and financial roadblocks that would have deterred all but the most determined individuals.  Thanks to the LMJ Scholarship program, Huang has a financial head start to make her dream a reality.

Where Are They Now? Since 2005, the Minority Corporate Counsel Association has awarded deserving law school students with serious financial needs up to $30,000 in aid through the LMJ Scholarship. Over 12 issues of MCCA's magazine, Diversity & The Bar, I am profiling a member of each class and writing a "Where Are They Now?" sidebar for the rest.

• 2005: Patricia Astorga of New York City (November-December 2015)

• 2006: David Lewis of Chicago (January-February 2016)

• 2007: Will Nevin of Birmingham, Ala. (March-April 2016)

• 2008: Carly Bad Heart Bull of St. Paul, Minn. (July-August 2016)

• 2009: Nila Bala of Baltimore, Md. (September-October 2016)

• 2010: Atticus Lee of Houston, Texas (November-December 2016)

A Career Built By Opening Doors for Others (January-February 2015): A profile of Thomas L. Sager, former general counsel for DuPont Co., is featured in the January-February issue of Diversity & the Bar, the Minority Corporate Counsel Association's magazine. Sager helped develop the DuPont Legal Model, an industry benchmark and process for law firms to promote diverse and inclusive cultures while redefining how they measure success. 


American Staffing Association

Supporting Staffing Success (July-August 2017): For small and midsize staffing companies that work with large numbers of temporary and contract employees, contracting with an outside provider to provide backend support ensures payroll is accurate, on time, and in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.

The Other Kind of Business Intelligence (May-June 2015): Published in ASA’s bimonthly magazine, Staffing Success, this cover story looks at how the staffing industry is working to provide the best professional development opportunities for its employees, as well as the effect these efforts are having.


Other Columns and Essays

Association Publishing: Can Print Survive? (January 2015): A column published on LinkedIn and by Association Trends that examines the future of print in the nonprofit publishing world.

Print: The New Vinyl (January 2015): A column published on LinkedIn and by Association Trends on print journalism and how it compares to the rebounding vinyl record industry.

(It’s Just Like) Starting Over (October 2014): A column published on LinkedIn about the challenges of freelancing while looking for a fulltime position.

Stage Dad (May 2012 to present): Essays and columns written for the DC Metro Theater Arts website about being the parent of a young stage actor. Essays also are available on the blog on this website.

Raising a Child With Bipolar Disorder (May 2009): An essay published in Exceptional Parent magazine about the challenges of raising our then 11-year-old daughter.