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  • Flying Through the Air

    One drawback to taking so many pictures is that, in this enhanced period of self-employment, I don't have time to edit them.

    Much of this summer has revolved around my kids and their activities, which means I've been watching a lot of dancing. First it was Emma in "Mirror, Mirror," then it was musical theatre camp, then the two-week dance intensive known as Fly.

    This shot, of Ben in mid-air, is from the annual performance that ends Fly, which ended almost two weeks ago. Perhaps you saw the rehearsal video from the performance that I posted earlier; if not, I've uploaded a better version from the performance.

    The problem with editing the Fly pictures is that I took too many — a common problem when shooting a dance event — and had to edit them down to get the best. And because I don't like to take photos of just my children, I had to make sure the entire event was represented, much to their chagrin.

    You can find the result here in the album on my Facebook photography page. In the end, I think it worked out just fine.