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  • The Holiday Whew...

    Over the past five days, we...

    • Had 14 people over in hosting our first Thanksgiving since 2003 (massive kudos to Jill for a great meal and for wonderful food throughout the weekend).

    • Unveiled Kate's newly remodeled bedroom, much to her appreciation.

    • Attended (and photographed) two Frosty Follies shows (kudos to Ben and Emma, the later of whom was Black Friday shopping until 4:30 a.m.).

    • Watched as the Frosty Follies kids went ice skating. 

    • Purchased and put up our Christmas tree (massive kudos again to Jill and Nicholas for the decorating).

    • Hosted my mom, Olivia, for her longest-ever visit. (She leaves tomorrow.)

    • Held an impromptu early 21 party for Nicholas and his early gift exchange with the trio.

    • Snaked our way up and down I-95 to the Richmond area twice, giving my mom a chance to meet Nicholas' girlfriend, Katherine, and her parents.

    Thank God it's Monday? Nah, wouldn't have traded it for anything in the world.