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  • Back to My Roots

    You’ve heard the clichés: “What goes around comes around…” “Everything old is new again.”

    In some respects, that applies to my current career path. Thirty years ago, just after my high school graduation, I started my first job at my hometown newspaper, writing stories and taking pictures.

    Today, 10 months after my job was eliminated, I’m relying on those skills and building my own business as a writer, photographer, editor, and consultant.

    You can see my photography daily on the blog and my growing Facebook page, which now has more than 1,100 “Likes.” I also write essays on being a stage parent for the D.C. Metro Theatre Scene — also posted here — and have started a series of essays that I call “Not-So-Hidden D.C.,” focusing on lesser-known aspects of our nation’s capital.

    What helps pay the bills, however, are consulting — I started working with a Chicago-based advertising firm on a contract last month — as well as freelance writing, headshots, and event photography. I’ve also been taking photos for the Metropolitan School of the Arts.

    It’s been an interesting time, and one that appeals to my ever-so-ADD nature because it provides great variety.  And what I recently discovered is that the thrill of seeing my byline is something that never goes away.

    Earlier this week, I received two freelance pieces in the mail that I wrote earlier this year. One is the “Money Matters” column I’m writing for my former publication; the second is a piece on chronic absenteeism for ASCD, an organization that serves K-12 administrators and teachers.

    You can find both pieces in the Writing section of this website, which I recently reconfigured to reflect both my past work and my current projects. I hope you’ll take a look.