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  • Behind the Scenes: Filming Subzero

    Standing outside in the freezing, drizzly weather this past weekend, I watched a group of teenage girls and boys come together under a Washington, D.C. bridge and “put on a show.”

    The purpose was not to save the orphanage. In the spirit of 21st century DIY entrepreneurialism, it was an attempt to market and sell T-shirts made by a sophomore at Lee High School.

    The story goes something like this: Many of the teens — all Metropolitan School of the Arts students — have known and/or danced with each other for years. But one particular group, infused with some students new and/or returning to the studio, has become really close since last summer.

    Sam Cornbrooks, one of the new kids, started his own line of “Subzero” T-shirts in his basement to raise some extra cash and asked his friends to help market them. Sam also is an aspiring photographer/videographer and wanted to put together a video promoting his work.

    His friends, which include Ben and Emma, offered to help. Nine put together a dance and, on the only day this spring that all were available, braved the still-frigid late March temperatures for the shoot. I went along to chronicle their work.

    For more photos, see my Facebook album here.