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  • National Masonic Memorial

    The George Washington Masonic Memorial, located in Alexandria, Va., serves as both a Masonic building and memorial to the nation’s first president. The 333-foot tall memorial sits atop Shooter’s Hill, a site that Thomas Jefferson and James Madison seriously considered when deciding where to build the U.S. Capitol.

    The memorial was dedicated in 1932, a full 80 years after it was first proposed. A commissioned statue of Washington, in full Masonic regalia, was completed just before the outbreak of the Civil War and was later destroyed in a fire in Richmond.

    Movement toward the memorial’s construction began in earnest in the early 20th century, following the formation of Washington Monument Association of America, which built a memorial park on the site.

    Construction on the memorial, which has a tower designed to resemble the ancient Lighthouse of Alexandria in Egypt, started in 1922 and was finished 10 years later. The interior was not completed until 1970.

    Today, the memorial is available for tours for a small fee.

    For more photos, go to my Facebook album here.