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  • One Last Duet, Part 2

    The quality of this video isn't great, but the content is. It's a final duet by Ben and his frequent dance partner, Courtney Lapenta, during Fly last month.

    The two choreographed and performed to "Mercy" by the Dave Matthews Band. It was a tribute to Melissa Dobbs — the founder of the dance studio my kids attend — and her husband, Matt Armstrong.

    Melissa and Matt celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary this past month. "Mercy" was the song performed at their wedding. At summer's end, Ben and Courtney left Metropolitan School of the Arts — he's off to do the "Newsies" tour and she's going to college in California — and Fly was their last opportunity to perform together.

    Melissa asked the kids to do the duet as a surprise to her husband. This is what they came up with. Think of it as scenes from a relationship, set to dance.

    You can see one of the photos I took during the performance in my Art & Dance 3.3 post.