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  • Farewell

    In honor of this week's "Newsies" casting announcement, it's time to share this tribute that Emma choreographed and danced to in honor of her twin brother during the Fly performance. Shot on an iPhone, the quality is not the best, but you can see the beauty and genuine emotion that Emma brings to her dance, set to the song "Farewell."

    Having Ben at home the past 14 months, after being away for almost four years, has been special for our family and especially for Emma. During the period when he was gone, she grew up, stepped out of his shadow, and became the independent, beautiful young woman we are fortunate to know today. When Ben returned, Jill and I noted several times that they were more "twin-like" than before he left in 2009.

    I'm proud of all of my children, but Emma's performance — when we knew Ben was leaving but could not publicly announce it to the world — brought tears to my eyes. I'll never understand fully what it must be like to be in her shoes (or his, for that matter) but seeing this duet gave me some insight into how hard it is for them to be apart.

    Watch it and you'll tear up, I promise. And you'll smile, too...