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  • School Counselors Focus of ASCD Story

    In addition to photography, blogging and consulting, I also write freelance stories for a number of state and national organizations.

    My most recent article is about a subject close to my heart and family: school counselors. The piece, “Not Your Mother’s School Counselor,” is published in the October edition of ASCD’s Education Update.

    The story looks at how three major changes have altered the course of the profession over the past 15 years: a national model that aligns the work of counselors with school improvement efforts; a movement away from direct services to individual students and toward comprehensive schoolwide programs; and the acknowledgement of the counselor’s role in expanding college access for all students.

    As many of you know, my wife Jill works for the American School Counselor Association, and was a huge help in gathering sources for the article, which is now available for purchase from the ASCD website. You can find more information about the story here, and read many of my other 2014 articles by going to the Freelance Articles and Columns section of this website.


    If you’d like to see some of the good work my spouse has been doing on behalf of her profession, check out this Comcast Newsmakers interview she did last month.