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  • A Marian Seldes Story

    Chance encounter: Ben and I went to a tribute to Terrence McNally in New York a few years ago, hosted by Angela Lansbury with performances by a who's who in New York. I felt lucky to sit high up in the balcony.

    Ben, who has been fortunate to perform in two of Terrence's shows (Ragtime and Golden Age), decided to run downstairs and say "Hi" to Terrence and Tom Kirdahy before the show started. Gracious as always, Tom introduced Ben to the woman he was talking to, an older woman with an elegant stature. As I walked down to get my then 12-year-old son to return to our seats, the woman gave him a hug and extended her hand to me.

    "She was very nice," Ben said. "She asked me all about acting."

    "Do you know who that is?" I asked.

    "She said her name was Marian. She said I could call her Marian."

    RIP, Marian Seldes. Thank you for being nice to my son.