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  • Random Thoughts: January & February

    Metaphor for life: Candle burning at both ends

    The brain does some strange things when it is on overload. And mine has been overloaded more than usual recently. So here are a few random thoughts jotted down over the past six weeks or so...

    • Subtle: Another word not in the average teen's vocabulary. Nuance: Not even in the same dictionary.

    • Sometimes you try and succeed. Sometimes you try and fail. Sometimes, you just try.

    • I'm not sure what bothers me more: Brian Williams being suspended for telling lies, or Bill O'Reilly defending him.

    • It's Mondays like this that make you wonder how the Duggars weren't the Donners in a past life.

    • State of the Union with a Democratic president and Republican Congress =  Really glad I didn't play the "bipartisan" drinking game.

    • Our adopted cat must have been a dog in a past life. And apparently he pissed someone off during the reincarnation process.

    • Shouting Freebird at a concert should be just as punishable as saying Fire! in a crowded theater.

    • The day Newsies reported the highest grossing week in the history of Chicago theatre, fans of Billy Elliot marked the third anniversary of the show's closing on Broadway. When Newsies played to huge crowds in Charlotte, Broadway marked the fifth anniversary of the Ragtime closing. Theatre in January. Sigh.

    • Classy player. Classy guy. Congrats to Craig Biggio on a much deserved honor — the Baseball Hall of Fame!

    In the spirit of true bipartisanship, I think we can all agree on one thing: Ewww...