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  • April’s (Mostly) Random Thoughts

    As the month comes to a close, here's a summary of random thoughts and observations from the month.

    alrightythen: Walking to the gym the other day, I passed a woman sitting on a garbage bag smoking a cigarette with surgical gloves on her hands. And this was in a parking lot in Northern Virginia, not on the streets of New York.

    The Nats are back: Jill and I recently enjoyed our first Washington Nationals game of the young baseball season. The tickets were part of a three-game pack that was part of my Christmas present to Jill last year. Happy holidays come to those who wait, and the Nats won (a true gift of its own, considering how poorly they played at the start of the year).

    iPhone lightning: I like taking pictures with my phone and posting them to Instagram, even though I know they will be nowhere nearly as good as you get with a regular DSLR. On an unrelated trip to the gym (yes, I’m going relatively consistently again), I managed to capture lightning during a heavy storm on my phone. Again, not as good as I would have gotten on my Canon, but pretty cool nonetheless.

    No smoking … PLEASE! A non-smoking room in a North Carolina hotel is sort of like car lanes in Manhattan — just a suggestion, not a rule to live by necessarily. ... Ick.

    My poor cats (not): When you're tone deaf, whistling while you work brings tears to the eyes of small animals. Ask mine. They'll tell you...

    No Kentucky, but Duke? Thank goodness Kentucky lost its chance at a perfect season and meant I didn’t have to root for Duke as March Madness dragged into April. So my personal streak continues, even though Duke won yet another National Championship. Oh well…

    Quote of the Month

    "Wonderful things can happen when you sow seeds of distrust in a garden of assholes..."

    Thank you and godspeed to the cast and crew of Justified, one of the best — and, in that inimitable Elmore Leonard way, often one of the funniest — shows I've had the pleasure to watch.


    And on a truly random note, congratulations to author Tim Federle, football player JJ Watt and actress Glenn Close for their recent actions. What did they do?

    1) Tim published a new illustrated children’s book about a young boy with ADHD called Tommy Can’t Dance, which serves as proof that he’s been peering into our lives again.

    2) Watt, the Houston Texans football player, rushed out onto the court to congratulate 12-year-old Nicholas Connors for his National Anthem performance at a Houston Rockets game.

    3) And Close, whose sister is bipolar and whose nephew has schizoaffective disorder, was profiled in Variety’s “Power of Women” feature for her work with Bring Change 2 Mind to raise awareness about mental illness. She captured why she believes in this so strongly, articulating the feelings we’ve long had about the issue.

    “We thought the best thing to do was work against the stigma that surrounds mental illness,” Close told Variety, noting that one in four people are affected by it. “It’s a chronic illness like anything else.”