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  • Newsies at the Newseum

    Several members of the “Newsies” cast invaded the Newseum on Friday to promote fun and different ways that students can lead healthier lifestyles through dance. Part of Disney’s “Get Up and Go” initiative, cast members taught middle school and high school students parts from the “Seize the Day” number and participated in the making of a short video that captured their day at the beautiful Washington, D.C., museum.

    The cast also was interviewed on Fox5, which broadcast live from the Newseum for three hours. Dan DeLuca and Stephanie Styles performed a number and cast members taught the anchors part of the dance as well.

    “Newsies” is based on 1899 strike by newsboys against Joseph Pulitzer’s New York World and William Randolph Hearst’s New York Journal. The show is at the National Theatre through June 21.

    Check out this video shot by the Newseum:  

    For Fox 5's coverage of the event, go to this link.

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