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  • A Few Random Thoughts...

    • My first (and hopefully last) analogy about the 2016 presidential campaign... To anyone complaining that sequels are bad, it’s worth noting that the third movie in the trilogy is often the worst of all.

    • Question: What part of “no” do children not understand? Is it the N, or the O?

    • Humidity is Mother Nature's version of a bad home perm.

    • I can understand why our cat does not like to have his food and water bowl close to the litterbox. What I don’t understand is why my kids insist on leaving food, drink and wrapper remnants in their rooms.

    • Great Quote: "If officials can decide not to implement laws they dislike, then equality under the law—is just a slogan.”

    • Great Quote #2 (courtesy of Nicholas): “I wonder who coined the term asshole and made into a bad thing.”

    • The best compliment a parent can receive is when someone tells you that your child has not changed, just grown up.