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  • Random Thoughts: January to March

    Some random thoughts and meanderings from the first quarter of the year…

    • A teen’s words of wisdom: "You aren't a true New Yorker until you're pooped on by a pigeon ... And that has happened to me."

    • I think a great name for a band would be Bastard Sons of Clarity.

    • On the list of things I never thought I'd do at 11 pm on a Sunday: Watch my son stretch his calves while eating Beefaroni and watching "Auction Kings" on The Discovery Channel.

    • I’d like to pitch a new movie idea: Slumlord Millionaire, the story of a man who owns buildings that are not rent controlled and feels like he can make money by stealing from the pockets of good and (reasonably) quiet tenants.

    • I recently told Emma that 50 years ago, her grandmother performed as a member of the Kilgore Rangerettes at the Cotton Bowl. Her response: "You mean they had football back then?" Obviously, she hasn't been to Texas enough...

    • And one more for the books: Overheard while walking through the rain, a homeless guy yelling, "Mother Nature is taking my motherf-ing bed."