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  • Summer's Random Thoughts — 2011

    Summer typically is a time for your brain to relax and decompress a little, that is unless you’re trodding the trails between New York and D.C.  on a regular basis. Then it’s just like any other week in the year.

    But all of this traveling back and forth does allow the brain to ping pong between one thought and another. So here are some more random thoughts from the past few months…

    • Pithy thought: You know you're a grown up when writer's block replaces penis envy on the top 10 list of stressors in your life.

    • When someone has a miserable day/experience and posts about it on Facebook, is it acceptable to "like" the post? Something about that seems wrong to me...

    • I don’t like running, but I seem to do a lot of it — in dress shoes.

    • In case you’re wondering, here are the steps for the NYC tourist waltz — 1, 2, 3, gawk. 1, 2, 3, gawk.

    • We’ve had so much bad weather recently that I feel like a drowned rat. Isn't this why I moved away from Texas and hurricane season?

    • Best status I saw during the rainy period: Seattle called -- it wants its weather back.

    • I realized that "Your article has been posted" doesn't have quite the same ring as "Your article has been published," but it's something all writers must deal with these days.

    • As Labor Day approaches, I just realized that the Sunday before school starts is technically hump day of a three-day weekend.

    • Just curious, what happened to the "customer is always right" model? It’s times like this that I'd settle for "The customer is occasionally correct."

    • Exchange of the week — Ben to Emma: Why didn't I get the smart gene? Emma to Ben: Because you got everything else.

    • I left my brain somewhere. If you locate it, please let me know…