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  • End of Year: Random Thoughts

    Anyone who knows us also knows that the last two months of the year are, well, insane. And when you have an ADD brain to go with it, the random thoughts flow during times of stress.

    A sampler from the past two months:

    • I went to Ben's parent-teacher conference (he's on the B honor roll so far) and loved hearing how he could do so much better if he didn't have that "other thing" in his life.

    • Small towns are like families. Some are more caring, while others are more dysfunctional. But when tragedy strikes, it serves as a harsh reminder that family ties come first.

    • I saw the Macy's parade balloons being blown up in New York and felt great satisfaction when I noticed the 50-foot Sponge Bob moored down in a wave of netting. Yes, it must be the holiday season...

    • Best way to describe the day: I’m just um… well… huh (?)… um… well ... just.

    • An editor’s lament: Some pieces are labors of love; others feel like the writer was going through labor ... and left it for you to deliver.

    • Adapted lyric of the day: "Summer breeze makes me feel fine... Winter wind makes me whine." (Bonus points if you don't get that song stuck in your head...)

    • This just in from Ben: "When a girl asks, 'Do these pants make my butt look fat?' Don't agree — it's just good common sense."

    • I’m proud of all of my children for their overall attitude, courage, fortitude, and inherent decency. (Of course, this view is subject to change without notice.)

    • Holiday traffic from D.C. to New York: Geriatrics with walkers are passing us on I-95.

    • Nicholas always asks to go "buy stuff." He calls that the "manly version of shopping.

    • And on a more serious note: When (and more important, why) did we stop agreeing to disagree and decide that personal attacks are an appropriate substitute for civility?