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  • Random Thoughts: Heating Up

    Five more random thoughts from June and July:

    • So let's see: VA to DC to NY to DC to VA in 36 hours. And tomorrow, we head south to NC. Whee...

    • Recently I went to The Apple Store, praying for the future of the family iMac and trying not to drool.

    • I saw Toy Story 3 with my kids and thought of my children, parents, toys, and the passage of time... How could an animated movie made solely on computers about plastic figurines touch me so deeply? It must have been Father's Day.

    • December, with four birthdays and Christmas, was the month from hell. June, with all of the end-of-year activities, has become the new December.

    • Did Lebron James’ overhyped “Decision” remind anyone of Geraldo opening the Capone vault? Just saying…