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  • Medical Clearance and Other Thoughts

    Six days after I made it one step closer to 50, I also made it through four — count 'em, four — doctors' appointments. All went well, a miraculous feat in the land of the HMO.

    The big news: Nutrisystem wants my blood to be its spokesperson. Unfortunately, company executives took one look at the rest of me and vetoed the idea. (Either way, no more blood thinners for me!)

    Still, I'm beginning to wonder if I'm at the age where I carry a medications list in my wallet as a conversation starter.

    A few other random thoughts from recent days:

    • Did anyone else notice that the Texans' season ended when Schaub threw an INT with 13:13 on the clock?

    • Having wrestled to replace a toilet seat in a cramped, tiny bathroom, I now understand why it took so long for society to have indoor plumbing.

    • Dear Oscar: You might have the old school credibility. Emphasis on the old. With us, 50 is the new lifetime achievement award. Now, ar' go ... yourself. Love, the Golden Globes...

    • Speaking of which, I just saw a commercial for The Hurry Cane on ESPN. Now that's an interesting match of product and medium.