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  • Random Thoughts: February 2013

    • The smell of my coworkers' microwaved lunch wafting through the stairwell is a tease that never lives up to the initial hype.

    • For me, there's not much difference between spatial and spacey.

    • Sometimes a low-key, lo-fi, do next-to-nothing Valentine's is the best kind of all. Love to my spouse and kids.

    • I got home and slept 10+ hours last night. My snoring was taped and will be used as the soundtrack for Texas Chainsaw Massacre 13.

    • Trust me, towel softness is an accurate predictor of a hotel's star rating.

    • The editor in me appreciates it, but I'm still not happy that 141 characters is considered verbose.

    • Biggest no duh line I’ve heard recently: "This Wizards broadcast brought to you by Alka Seltzer Plus."

    • I’m beginning to think I was a long distance trucker in a past life...

    • Modified Willie Monday: I can wait to get on the road again. Really. Truly. Unfortunately, that's not the case.