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  • Random Thoughts: May and June

    So another school year is winding down. Ben is in New York training for Billy Elliot. Nicholas is taking care of him for three weeks between now and his opening night as the show resumes from its layoff and heads to Des Moines, Appleton, Wis., and finally Louisville. That’s where we hope he will make his debut.

    I had a little time tonight to write, so I thought I’d pull together some more random thoughts from the past couple of months. See if you see a theme:

    • OK, Monday, let's try this again... And if you have a moment, I have some ideas on how to make this better for both of us.

    • I love the fact that, after going to the doctor last week for a "wellness" check up, I've felt like crap ever since.

    • My teenage daughters have rarely spent much time together over the past few days, so who could have guessed that a stolen tank top on the car ride home would be the sole topic of "conversation"?

    • With the school year ending, I realized this fall that we will have three high schoolers, a college student, and eroding tendrils of sanity.

    • Somehow I got a lot accomplished this week, managing to cram 14 days into 7. Not sure how that happened, and not sure I want it to again.

    • Sadly I’ve been making frequent stops at Home Depot, better known at the Third Circle of Hell.

    • We went to a college graduation ceremony where concessions were sold (popcorn & pizza with caps & gowns?). And then, after trolling through a three-mile backup on the NJ Turnpike, I parallel parked the van in midtown Manhattan on a Saturday night. After that, who needs a bucket list?

    • "End Road Work" — the three sweetest words I saw on the trip.

    • I figured out officially why I hate mornings so much: I have an East Coast address and a West Coast brain.

    • There is so much more I wish I knew. But I’m still learning…

    • I’m going to dinner with Jill in DC to celebrate our anniversary tonight. (Actual day is tomorrow.) Fingers crossed ... I picked the place.