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  • Random Thoughts: An Update

    • We seem to be suffering from some sort of 10-year curse: The car died. The fridge and dishwasher died. The stove was replaced (in part to accommodate the new dishwasher and fridge). And now the air conditioner is on the fritz. Yet the cat still is lying on the chair in the living room and hacking up gray balls of food mixed with fur. What is wrong with this picture?

    • This is the same cat that was sitting on the window sill, trilling like a bird. When she spotted me making a move toward the fridge, she jumped down and started meowing for ham. It's the feline version of an early morning identity crisis.

    • 6:30 a.m. at the office: How my wife and daughters regularly get up and out this early brings my everlasting admiration ... and sympathy.

    • The new car conundrum: I never saw my make/model on the street until I bought it, and now it's everywhere...

    • I would like to amend Home Depot's customer service motto to read: "You can do it. We can help ... If you can find one of us."

    • Recently I had to beg Emma to let me post congratulations to her for winning an acting award at the Folger Shakespeare Theatre. It only took 30 hours and several bribes before she would allow me to do this. Of course, what would you expect when the award is for "Exasperated Lady"?

    • Emma asked why I post details about our family. My response: When you're a writer, family is fodder.

    • Spring allergies: My life is a Claritin commercial right now, except I'm still waiting for the "clear" part.

    • I saw that a friend's son was turning 13 and suggested that we start a support group for parents. And then I realized there already was a hair club for men...

    • I’m not ready to move forward an hour. I need all the time I can get.