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  • 10 Random Thoughts

    Ten random thoughts from the first couple of months of 2012:

    • I think construction companies working on the DC Beltway should be required to set up a Pothole Survivors Fund.

    • I keep trying to convince people that I'm deathly allergic to laundry lint, but no one seems to believe me...

    • "Vpbsyopm;syopmd!" is what happens when you type "Congratulations!" without paying attention to where your hands are on the keys. Hello, Monday...

    • Quote of the day from Mr. Malaprop (aka Ben): I didn't see the sunlight last night.

    • Weekend Alliteration: Resilience, resolve, reserves, resolution. Sadly, no rest.

    • Visiting my mom while at a conference in Houston, I’m happy to report that her version of a dive bar is not the same as mine.

    • Walking around the exhibit floor at the superintendent's conference, I thought of a new business venture: superintendent uniforms. Oxford shirt (tie optional), blue blazer, khaki or grey pants, and a lapel pin. You could rule the market...

    • Observation from the slightly jaded and sleep deprived file: If Friday the 13th is bad luck, then what does that make Monday the 13th? At least on Friday you can look forward to the weekend.

    • Don’t you hate it when a good night’s sleep turns into a bad night’s nap?

    • And finally, my kids don't get "Parenthood," what we do or the TV show. That's probably why the ratings are low, and why I'll miss them both when they're gone...