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  • Post-Election Random Thoughts

    Welcome to the November edition of “Random Thoughts: Post-Election Edition”

    As I’ve mentioned previously, this is a particularly intense time for the family as we prepare to mark four birthdays in the midst of the holiday season. My way of coping is by coming up with some pithy thoughts that I hope are worth sharing…

    Here’s what I’ve pulled together this month:

    • Have you noticed that every small town now refers to itself as "historic"? Is that some sort of code?

    • America's newest obesity epidemic: TV movies that turn this into the 42 days of Christmas. (It is a break from reality TV, however...)

    • So I'm starting to experiment with Twitter (@ourrealityshow), but from what I can tell, "hash tagging" is a term created by people who were never good at tag in school.

    • New drinking game for parents: "Not Your Maid."

    • I like the ellipsis. For some reason ... is a perfect representation of my genetic ADD.

    • Emma, after dropping her at a friend's house slathered in holiday lights: "I feel so under decorated."

    • I love being awakened — from a dead sleep, on consecutive nights no less — by a son who starts the conversation with, "I have a question..."

    • Speaking of drinking, my sweet daughter ordered coffee for me while I got gas. I told her to get mine with my usual shots. She asks, "Can I buy those? I'm just a kid."

    • I’m wondering if my idea for a new reality show, "White Trash Train Wrecks," is original or smacks of the obvious.

    • Am I the only one who thinks the election has receded from the public's consciousness faster than a middle-aged man's hairline?