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  • Random Thoughts: Fall Edition

    As another school year gets underway, it’s time to clean up the status updates and issue another round of random thoughts. Think of it this way, at least it’s a break from medical updates.

    • I got stuck behind a school bus for disabled students this morning. The bus number was 1313. I'm hoping it's not an omen for the week...

    • We survived the first full week of high school with both girls going in opposite directions to opposite schools. But with our washer in Valhalla, can I survive weekend laundry?

    • Did someone slip the universe a full moon and forget to tell us about it?

    • I saw snippets of “Dodgeball” again and couldn’t help thinking that Gary Cole would make a terrific announcer at the Olympics.

    • Agree or disagree: Most reality shows are just semi-scripted soap operas with on location production values.

    • One thing about life with ADD: I have no patience for chronic of any kind.

    • Recently I looked at my teenage daughters' rooms and wondered if 1-800-GOTJUNK takes reservations. (Yes, Mom, I recognize that they come by it naturally.)

    • Have you ever had one of those days in which you don't care that Fat Tire will give you a spare tire, among other things? (Those under age 21 are not allowed to comment.)

    • The line at Starbucks was so long that I witnessed three blind dates. I worried that the person ahead of me in line wouldl ask if she can have a grande wedding announcement and a venti engagement ring.

    • I wore my Nationals shirt and my Astros cap to take Emma to school this morning. Figured I would cover all my bases — first to worst.