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  • Untapped Archives: Musical Theatre Camp

    I shoot a lot of photos — my estimate for 2015 is around 10,000 — and often find myself scrambling to post them in a timely manner. This year, during a particularly busy period in June and July, I shot several Metropolitan School of the Arts events that I never managed to go through.

    Before the year ends, I’ve pledged to post the best of what’s left. So let’s start with a series of photos from MSA’s annual musical theatre camp. The two-week camp ends with a performance for parents and interested attendees. Students perform excerpts — usually 20 to 30 minutes in length — from four shows.

    These photos above are from the performances of “Secret Garden” and “Into the Woods.” Below are the performances of “PaJama Game” and “Bring It On.”

    It really is remarkable to watch what all of these kids, ranging from elementary to high school age, learn in a very brief period of time.

    For more photos, go to my Facebook albums here and here.