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  • iPhone Experiments, Part 1

    Over the past several years, a camera has become my constant companion. I hate when I see something and don’t have what’s necessary to capture it.

    For Christmas, my wife gave me a kit with two lenses for my iPhone, hoping (I’m sure) that I won’t lug my camera and accompanying accessories everywhere I go. On a recent trip to New York City — Jill’s Christmas present — I decided to give the kit a try.

    As a camera, the iPhone is great, although it has some major limitations (lagging shutter, poor in low light, and increase pixilation when zooming). It also operates on a different crop ratio from my regular full-frame camera, which affects composition. So when you pair up those shortcomings with being on a moving train, you create some definite artistic challenges.

    Here is the result, taken on the Amtrak between Baltimore and Trenton, N.J. Would be curious to see what you think.

    For more photos from this experiment, go to my Facebook album here.