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  • The Melt's Glacial Pace

    OK, kids, in case you wonder why school is still not in session three days after a record snowfall, here is a visual example taken from the confines of our house.

    • Exhibit A (Top Left): Our mailbox.

    • Exhibit B (Bottom Left): Our driveway earlier tonight.

    • Exhibit C (Right): The pace of the melt.

    Actually, it could be much worse for us. And it is in other areas, as a number of neighborhoods in Northern Virginia are still not completely plowed. Sidewalks apparently will be a figment of the imagination until spring, and multiple lane roads are still facing the abrupt 3-2-1 shifts that make commuter traffic — already a ginormous hassle here — a recurring nightmare.

    So the federal government is operating on a three-hour delay in the hopes that we can stuff the snow somewhere, and students everywhere are checking Twitter to see when the next cancellation will occur.

    Keep checking the feeds, kids. Keep checking the feeds.