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  • On Valentine's Day

    So, given my history of not-so-great Hallmark holidays, Jill and I have intentionally low-keyed this one. Friday we had a lovely meal in Old Town after I picked her up from the airport, and last night we ate takeout Chinese and watched a movie. Today is taxes, grocery store, and gym.

    After all of the respiratory "fun," travel, and general craziness surrounding the start of 2016, a low-key Valentine's Day is the best of all. (Taxes, of course, are another story.) The one thing I did to formally mark the occasion was give her Jon Dee Graham's new book, Love Notes from the Bear, which is a great gift for anyone who falls into the significant other category.

    Here is one of Graham's drawings that he posted today. And it pretty much sums up how I view this life and the relationship Jill and I have 21 years into it.