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  • Random Thoughts: February 2016

    A few random thoughts from the past week or so…

    • On Antonin Scalia: The only way a Supreme Court justice can leave is by voluntarily resigning or dying. As with anyone who dies, I'm sad for his family who is mourning his passing. I am not sad for the rest of our country, however.

    • That said, Vox Policy and Politics just published a fascinating piece by Dara Lind that notes the close friendship between Scalia, by far the most conservative justice, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the court’s most outspoken liberal. It notes that even people with vast differences can disagree vehemently and still be friends. Wish that were the case in the rest of the world.

    • Two very different trains of thought. Both are applicable this month.

    • Baby barf line of the day: "Sarah Palin, one of Trump's surrogates..." Ewww on so many counts.

    • Drivers suffering from Post Traumatic Snow Disorder apparently have forgotten their coping skills and brought out the stupid again. Joy.

    • The next time someone bitches about it being 70 degrees at Christmas, show them this...