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  • Pre-Christmas Randoms

    After a week of illness in the family, a Facebook hack, and the final flurry of shopping, here are a few pre-Christmas random thoughts:

    • USPS at the holidays: On the last Monday before Christmas, the 8:30 a.m. line at the post office rivals that of the DMV next door.

    • Ben truism: You know you're in a theater family when you "call out" sick rather than "call in" sick.

    • Memo to the alien bug that invaded our bodies last week: This is your formal eviction notice. Despite the cold and windy weather, please seek shelter outside our home effective immediately.

    • More cold commentary: I hear the roar of the ocean. Unfortunately it's inside my head. #hatethissnotshit

    • After my Facebook was briefly hacked: If you get a friend request from me, don't accept it. As far as I can tell, we're already friends... Or, in political speak: Damn those Russians.

    • Finally, here’s one worth watching. In the spirit of the holidays, we were so glad to see Walter White come back from the dead.