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  • One Month In: Talking Trump on Twitter

    Facebook seems to erupt in a war when I post something that half my "friends" don't agree with, so I've decided Twitter is the place to be for posting political-type thoughts now.

    You can follow me @ourrealityshow. Every month or so, I’ll post a series of recent tweets here as part of the “Random Thoughts” series, but please note that they are less filtered, occasionally profane, and quite barbed in some cases. (Just like someone else who's always on Twitter.)

    If you’re easily offended, please skip onto the next post.

    Here are some of my posts from the first month of the new administration:

    • It's possible that Trump could be the first president in history to keep his campaign promises. Scary thought...

    • Trump's version of Friday Night Lights: "Tiny Hands, Cold Heart, Can Lose."

    • So Twitter is suggesting I follow Vice President Pence. To which I say, hell to the no. (And that is putting it mildly.)

    • Trending now: #Gotham, #Lucifer, #TheBachelor. Without looking, which one is referring to Trump?

    • Just curious, if the American public could seek an involuntary commitment, would it actually happen? #onecanonlyhope #2018cantcomesoonenough

    • Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson is too relevant for a revival right now. Or is it?

    • The Trump Administration apparently watches Parks & Rec and believes it's a serious documentary worth following as gospel.

    • Mark my words: Nothing changes unless Congress does in 2018. Think about that for a moment.

    • I've always been told that time flies when you get older. So why can't I blink and find myself in 2021?

    • I would like to go through one day over the next 4 years without saying "What the actual f---." Punctuation optional.


    • Ass: Hole, hat, jack, or “all of the above”? With Trump, my vote is for D.

    • Misogynists, racists and billionaires are now in charge. Now there's a history lesson for us all.

    • The Proofreaders Association of America has offered to help the Trump Administration with its Twitter accounts.

    • The GOP resisted when #ShePersisted, resulting in another new low in the annals of civil discourse.

    • Just saw a headline calling Donald Trump the "Religious Right's Trojan Horse." Wish someone had used a Trojan condom instead...

    • Getting really tired of the pronoun problem this country has. It's supposed to be "We the People," not "You People."

    • Not listening to the other side is, in some ways, just as bad as not voting. In fact, it's worse, because it perpetuates think-alike voting.

    • If I unfollowed/unfriended those who disagree with my views, the world would be a lonely place.

    • Trump protests the steady stream of media leaks about his phone calls. I want to wrap the Red Phone in Depends & duct tape & call it a day.

    • If Trump led a band, which do you think is the more appropriate name: Circle Jerks or Crash Test Dummies?

    • The only thing good to come from all of this is that I haven't seen a Kardashian headline in a couple of weeks.

    • Via text, I asked a career government employee how it's going. Response: "Just ducky," straddling the line between the S and F on the keyboard.