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  • Random Thoughts: Post-Oscars Edition

    A few thoughts post-Oscars:

    • Despite the end-of-show flub, the awards largely went to the right movies and performers. I was happy to see the Best Picture/Best Director split between “Moonlight” and “La La Land.” The acting categories were as expected, and it’s tough to dispute the right people won.

    • Viola Davis, in my view, gave the best performance of any actress this year, and her speech was beautiful without being overly political. Best part: “There’s one place that all the people with the greatest potential are gathered. One place. And that’s the graveyard.”

    • Davis, with her win, and Lin-Manuel Miranda, with his loss, are still one win away from the EGOT. If I’m a betting man, I would go with Miranda, but don’t count Davis out.

    • Say what you will about “O.J.: Made in America” being an ESPN product. It still deserved the Oscar as Best Documentary.

    • The kids are all right: The little boy from “Lion” is beyond cute, but 16-year-old Auli’I Cravalho really won me over with her performance of “How Far I’ll Go.” Beautiful voice, and she wasn’t rattled a bit after being hit in the head by a ribbon twirler while belting out the song.

    • “Manchester by the Sea” is a beautifully acted and written movie that I will never watch again.

    • Best Tweet: #merylsayshi

    • The tour bus bit went on too long, but I didn’t mind it that much. The woman who snagged Jennifer Aniston’s glasses and was “married” by Denzel Washington obviously had a great time.

    • If I’m an official at PricewaterhouseCoopers, I’m blaming Putin.