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  • Baseball & Rufus the Pigeon

    Notes from a Washington Nationals fan:

    • I think the Nationals' hitting slump against the Colorado Rockies is over. Four consecutive home runs and five in one inning — both tying MLB records — in Thursday afternooon's game will do that for you. A walk and infield hit (by Max Scherzer, no less), plus a single, double and stolen base in the same inning didn't hurt matters either, and then the Nats poured it on with six more runs in the next frame. The final score: 15-2.

    As Jill said from the seat next to me, "Well that was fun..."

    What was really funny about the whole thing was the presence of a pigeon who camped out around home plate for the entire game. Clinton Yates, a commentator for ESPN, started live tweeting about the bird he named Rufus as the home run streak started. Before long “Rufus” was trending.