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  • Random Thoughts

    A few random thoughts from the past week:

    • Line of the day: Treat others how you'd like to be treated and we'll all live happily ever after.

    • RIP to Sam Shepard, a renaissance man and true artist, in many more ways than one.

    • Beyond proud of Nicholas as he starts grad school in Elon's iMedia program, and grateful for the time we've had together during his "funemployment" tour. 

    • My life's hashtag should be: #justcan'twaittogetontheroadagain. This week, I drove to Norfolk for a dance conference, then turned around and went to Pittsburgh to move Emma into school, where she is working as a "resident educator" — most of us call them RAs — this year. Look at how much our girl has grown up since the far left picture was taken at the start of her freshman year last August. 

    On the political front…

    • This is life at the White House:

    • Breaking "news": Revolving doors with gold plated T's belatedly installed in West Wing at cost of $1.2 billion. Trump blames media.

    • And one more on the subject courtesy of Bloom County.