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  • Separating Politics & The President

    After Hurricane Harvey, I decided to back away from the political posts for a while. While in Texas for nine days earlier this month, I managed to (mostly) bite my tongue. But I need to clarify three things before I do my dead-level best (again) to shut up about this:

    1) Every time something went wrong in Washington from Jan. 20, 2009 to Jan. 20, 2017, it was not Obama's fault. (Boldface "not" with italics for emphasis.) 

    2) If those are the semantics you choose to use, that everything that goes wrong in government is the fault of the president, then where is your criticism of our current administration? Where are the calls to lock him up, or at least some of the crooks he has working for him?

    3) Please don't confuse my politics with my dislike of the current person in the White House. I wasn't a fan of Bush II, but I'd sit down and have a beer and a conversation with him. Probably would have a good time, too.

    My dislike for Trump goes beyond politics. He's an abhorrent, greedy, narcissistic, hypocritical, disturbing, soulless, race baiting human being blind to anyone's needs except his own. Instead of a commander in chief, we have a spoiled toddler in charge. And personally I find that frightening.


    • If you’d like to read a piece by someone far more eloquent than me about the most recent “tantrum tweet storm,” check out these posts by Dan Rather, Michael Sand, and Leland Martin.

    • Maybe this quote from a Washington Post analysis explains the 90+ degree temps and humidity around here this week: “Trump has turned Washington into an even bigger swamp than it was in the first place.”

    • And in other news, life on the freeways in the Greater Washington area has been miserable all week. Our traffic arteries are clogged and in need of a bypass.