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  • Real-Time World Series Thoughts

    A few real-time lines from the Astros’ win over the Dodgers in Game 7:

    • Smoltz: The Dodgers have squandered too many opportunities in the first three innings. Me: I’m good with that.

    • Has anyone else noted the Clayton Kershaw-Blake Shelton resemblance?

    • You know you’re in trouble when the catcher shouts “Omaha!”

    • Three words that fail to inspire confidence: Astros pitching change.

    • Another lookalike: Justin Turner and the pirate impersonator from Dodgeball. (Chris Elliot works, too.)

    • 6 outs to go. Here’s hoping ghosts of 1980, 1981 and 1986 are left in the darkness of the Astrodome right now.

    • Holy shit! Wow. Wow. Wow.

    • Is it appropriate to insert the f-word between halla and lejuah? It is tonight.

    • It’s not fake news: The Astros have won the World Series!!!