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  • More Random Thoughts

    Four more from the Random Thoughts file:

    • Remember the “Red Light! Green Light!” game we played as kids? NoVA engineers lost that game a bunch and are taking out their childhood frustrations on the drivers of today.

    Of course, it doesn’t help that those who designed the roads apparently whistled “Over the river and through the woods...” while they worked. #dontwhistle #AMcommute #hateNoVAtraffic

    • RIP, Joel Markowitz. Thank you for encouraging me to write for your website about the challenges of being a "Stage Dad." But, even more important, thank you for supporting so much of the region's theatre through your work. You are (and will be) missed.

    • Post-election commentary: Hey, Virginia, what have I missed? Santa came early, and he's real?!?

    • Saddest and truest line of the day, from a Facebook friend: We binge watch tragedy.