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  • Weekend Post-Mortem

    Seeing our 20-year-old twins in performances this weekend, with a 400-mile road trip in between, was a real treat.

    First up was Emma's performance at Point Park Connections show at the Pittsburgh Playhouse on campus. (I took only one of these photos, and it's the one of the program no less.) 

    The next day, Jill and I had breakfast with Emma before driving to Manhattan, where we stayed up WAAAY past our bedtime to watch HBO's "Paterno" with Ben and a group of his friends after the "Mean Girls" performance. 3 a.m. was totally worth it, as was the early wakeup call to finish a freelance project.

    Then, on Sunday, we went to the opening of "Mean Girls" and to the after-party in SoHo.

    Attending one of Ben’s opening nights has gotten easier over the years — I no longer want to drink the entire bar to calm my nerves before the curtain — but each evening is special in its own way as you see the hard work of your son and his fellow cast members pay off.

    Now it’s on to Boston to shoot another show at Wheelock Family Theatre!

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