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  • Transitions 'R Us

    “Transitions R Us” has long been a family phrase, one set in motion when Jill and I had three kids in one calendar year and during an era when then-beloved Toys ‘R Us was a staple in our lives.

    The past several months have brought a bunch of transitions, even by our count. Kate moved out in December, shortly before turning 21. Nick and Conner got engaged in October and are moving to a new apartment in Durham after he finishes grad school in a couple of weeks. Jill and I bought a house in Alexandria the same week Ben — now gainfully employed — agreed on a lease on a new apartment in New York.

    This past Monday, we closed on the sale of our house in Lorton, putting the exclamation point on a thrilling era in our lives.(That exclamation point involved helping my niece Margaret take some furniture off our hands last weekend as she too moves into an apartment in D.C.)

    That leads me to the other bookend of this week: Emma. After two years in the dorms, the past nine months of that as a RE (resident educator), Emma and I moved her today into her first official apartment with three roommates in Pittsburgh.

    So the final family move out tally includes two parents, four children (plus daughter-in-law to be), and a niece. That doesn’t include two moves that I had little or nothing to do with: an apartment switch for Julie’s daughter Calliope in Texas and my mom’s move of my only surviving aunt (Scooter, also in Texas).

    No wonder U-haul is sending discount coupons on a weekly basis and giving me platinum status weekly updates. After today, I hope, U-haul and I won’t be seeing each other on such a regular basis, and that’s fine with me.

    I am beyond grateful to have had the time and flexibility to help and assist with all of these changes in ways large and small.But I’ve gotta say I’m glad this developmental life belch is almost over.

    At least for this week, that is.