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  • Christmas and Family

    The Cook Family Christmas was celebrated in style with three of the four kids — Nicholas was in North Carolina — posing for the traditional "morning of" picture on a new set of stairs.

    On Christmas Eve, Jill made her usual tremendously tasty feast and we were joined by Jim and Sharon Truesdell and Jill’s cousin, James. Then we trekked over to a neighborhood watering hole where we played pool (Jim kicked our collective butts), Ben and Jill danced, and folks participated in karaoke (no videos or pictures). Given that everyone is now 21 and older, legal beverages were consumed by all.

    After taking the picture on Christmas morning, we followed tradition with a movie (“Mary Poppins Returns”) and leftovers. A very nice time was had by all.

    Unfortunately, Santa noticed we didn’t have a chimney and decided to make his exit through the garbage disposal, cracking a pipe in the process. The day after Christmas has been spent with Jill taking Ben and Hammer back to New York on a one-day roundtrip while I watched a plumber cut holes in the basement walls.

    Five more days until the most expensive month of the year is over. (And only one more day of three 21-year-olds as Kate turns 22 tomorrow!)