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  • Race & Politics in Virginia

    Last night I was at Jill's School Counselor of the Year event, a wonderful evening that showcased the work of a great group of professionals who are dedicated to helping students across this nation. What I appreciate about ASCA (and my wife, for that matter) is its ongoing message of inclusivity. Hearing, living and breathing that message has helped me to (I hope) be a better husband, father, and human being.

    Afterward, I saw a TV tuned to CNN and its coverage of the Virginiagovernor, Ralph Northam, who was falling all over himself to apologize for a 1984 yearbook photo that showed him and another man at a medical school party. One was in blackface; another was in a KKK outfit.

    My heart sank. I couldn't hear the audio, but the message was clear: Northam should resign.

    Later, driving home, I heard coverage of the story on WTOP, our local news station. Northam was saying he won't quit.

    I hope, after he's had what surely was a sleepless night, that he reconsiders and does what is right. Yes, he's a Democrat. Yes, like others, I supported him without knowing what had happened 35 years ago. And yes, I believe people should be given second chances.

    But my political affiliation (or anyone's for that matter) should not matter when you have something like this. We have too much division in this country as is, and my biggest problem with politics is we don't hold our elected leaders accountable for morally reprehensible actions, even those that occurred decades ago.

    To me, it's simple: If Northam believes in doing the right thing, as he says he does, he should quit. Simple as that.