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  • Reflections #3: Refining Your Art

    As a photojournalist, I like presenting my work in both black and white and color and have not hesitated to mix and match the two. Colleagues I respect and admire say I should pick one or the other when trying to tell a story, in part because it sharpens my (admittedly scattered) point of view.

    I see their point and believe it has merit. But some photos naturally lend themselves to black and white, while others are presented better in color. And what do you do when they are part of the same story.

    Take, for example, this set of reflections. Walking last week in downtown Louisville, Ky., I saw a group of dancers practicing through a window and started shooting, then went back the next day and caught some more. In each case, the shots were taken in less than 5 minutes as I tried to capture what anyone might see as they walked past.

    In presenting these images, I tried to adhere to the either/or perspective, but ultimately decided against it. What do you think of this mixed set?