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  • Reflections #2: Black & White

    Creative people are inherently reflective, even if we don’t acknowledge it publicly. Our worldview tends to come out in the work we produce, whether explicitly or in abstract form. Once out there, it’s open to the rest of the world to interpret.

    For some reason, I think black and white photos lend themselves most to interpretation. Since we see the world in all of its bright and beautiful colors, the shadows and contrast of black and white often make us question and reflect upon what we’re seeing.

    I’m always drawn to reflections because of the alternate window they present to the world. The theme of the photos I shot at the Maine workshop was “Transitions,” and several images involve reflections of some kind.

    As a teaser to that piece, here is the second of three sets of reflections I’ve taken over the past six weeks. Some were shot during the workshop, but none are part of my final work.

    The third and final set in this series, combining black and white and color, will focus on dancers I found post-workshop last week in Louisville, Ky.

    All comments welcome and appreciated.