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  • Reflections #1: In Living Color

    After decades of being restless, this past year I’ve found myself reflecting more than ever. We’ve raised four young adults who are all navigating their own paths. My oldest son got married. My youngest daughter graduated from college. My business has finally reached a maturation point that keeps me on the run, for which I’m eternally grateful. Our social worlds are changing and constantly morphing, which is exciting too.

    As the midpoint of my 50s nears, what I’ve noticed is childhood memories — good and bad — are more vivid and visceral than ever. And how those memories influence the present and continue to inform the future is an ongoing source of fascination and intrigue.

    Why does a particular incident or thought pop up when it does? What does that mean? Why can’t some people reconcile their pasts? Why do others lose memory and cognitive function as they get older? Why are we so powerless to do something about it?

    Taking the time to reflect is not a bad thing. We ask ourselves questions like these all the time, at all points along life’s line. Sometimes we choose to bury or confront our memories; at other times we just let them be. I like to call this type of reflection — especially during a time of transition — the start of Daydreaming 2.0.