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  • Evidence of a Full Moon

    Evidence that it's a cloudy day covering a full moon:

    1) The Redskins won their first-ever game in Miami, defeating a Dolphins team that opted to go for a 2-point conversion in the final seconds on orders from the owner to tank.

    2) I did a four-hour dance shoot that started and ended ... on time.

    3) All three DC teams have won games this weekend. (Of course, the Nationals moving to 2-0 in the NLCS and the Mystics winning the WNBA title are a little more important than the Redskins losing the #1 pick in next year's draft.)

    4) Jill and I saw two friends in the Home Depot parking lot that we hadn't seen in some time. But because of our proximity to Home Depot and its 10th circle of hell-ness, we also witnessed an accident between the car next to us backing into another car. And of course the driver had to be an angry ass-hat who tried to take it out on the other driver until our friends intervened and cooler heads prevailed. But it was further proof that you just never know what will happen anymore.

    5) Home Depot has no pumpkins for sale. Hell, I thought every store in America has pumpkins for sale during the month of October.

    6) We've been under drought-like conditions in Northern Virginia, or so we were told by the National Weather Service yesterday. Today, when carrying paper and cardboard outside, it poured. That is, until we left the soggy cardboard and paper behind and ran inside. No frogs fell from the sky during either event, despite our proximity to members of Congress.

    Did I mention that the Redskins won?

    (Please note there was no mention of the Yankees-Astros game 1. I prefer to think of that as a one-time aberration not caused by the full moon.)